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Reiner jetstamp 970

The jetStamp 970 is a hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents or products simply and quickly.

In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and bar-codes. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic.

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Date stamp machine price in Saudi Arabia

The prices of  Date stamp machines vary depending on the machine according to the machine’s capabilities. For example, some Date stamp machines can only print dates (numbers) and on cardboard and paper. These machines are cheaper compared to other Date stamp machines. On the other hand, the dates can be printed only, but they can print the validity date on the glass and metal, where they have a certain quality of inks suitable for these works. These inks are quickly dried, so they are suitable for Date stamp printing the validity date on metals and glass.

On the other hand, other machines have higher features and specifications compared to the rest of the Date stamp machines. The date of the product, Date stamp printing the date of production and finishing, where it can add to print the validity date, also printing bar code and printing pictures and logos of the company. Thus increasing its price compared with its counterparts. Some machines also save a certain number of editions, such as saving the last 10 editions or serial numbering of products. The modern power date printing machines can be controlled by a remote control. Or connect these machines with production lines and put them on the electrical path of the production line.

There are also other factors that determine the prices of the Date stamp printing machine, the date of validity such as factors related to the local market and the country of origin and the possibility of maintenance of the Date stamp machine to print the date of production and completion and provide technical support and warranty related to the machine

The attached video shows the work of the U2 Pro Pro, which operates in high humidity and heat conditions, which can be installed on the electrical path of the food production line. The printing machine can also print the validity of the barcode printing, logos or any type of writing of your choice