barcode mobile printer

barcode mobile printer

Electronic portable marking system Reiner jetstamp 1025 to create and trade personal imprints by way of the use of an app on a cell machine or PC and print them through an handy sideways movement.

– Designed for youngsters to print drawings.
– Printing on carton, paper, and present packs.
Printing the validity date on the food packages, cosmetics, and medicines.
– Can’t print on plastic, glass or metals.
Apply on postal parcels, cardboard, product packaging, metal, plastic, textiles, paper.
Printing area: eighty five * twenty five mm.
Mobile and handy to use.

Possibility of connecting the desktop to laptop or computer by way of Bluetooth or USB and the usage of a reminiscence card.
It can switch images, emblems and all the statistics from photograph format applications and Windows applications.
The desktop is well matched with two sorts of inks

Contact us on 0583623666

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