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Reiner JetStamp 790

Reiner jet stamp 790 prints so easily and quickly and of course quietly, it can print on all uneven and even surfaces, documents, envelopes and much more.

it can be carried any where to mark goods, portable , also its battery operation for added flexibility.

it can print number, date time and text in one or two lines, 20 characters per line and the maximum width is 42 mm

it also has a simple LCD-display menu and its user friendly, so training on it or using it for the first time wont be an issue at all.

this printer can store up to 25 different prints in its memory of the system, stamping or printing is so easy its just by triggering the button on the handle.

Reiner jetstamp 790 (MP) this model is available with special ink for printing on Non-absorbent surfaces

the printer weight is 450 g

the Reiner jetstamp 790 is made Germany

it can be used in company’s or shops & supermarkets

here are some printing examples and a printer photo:

reiner jetstamp 790
Reiner jetstamp 790 photo

date, text, time
example of various printing types

To contact us :

Email:  sales16@iffmachine.com

Mob:   00966582919333


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